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Case # 1004

Mr. B had a commercial litigation claim pending against a major corporation. He needed $30,000 to help keep his business operational until the litigation was resolved. He turned to us when nobody else was there for him. We provided the necessary financial assistance and helped him keep his business going. Two years later, the case was successfully resolved in his favor for a multi-million dollar judgement.

Case # 704

Mr. P was injured in an automobile accident and sustained serious back injuries. His financial situation became so bad that he was unable to pay his bills and maintain his household. His family was in danger of eviction. When Mr. P and his attorney heard of our services, they immediately gave us a call to see if we can help. His attorney gave us all of the facts and the supportive documentation and Mr. P was immediately approved for the emergency funds he needed. Mr. P picked up is check the very same day. We also arranged to provide monthly financial assistance to Mr. P for the next two year until he finally was victorious in his case.

Case # 578

Ms. W, a single mother of a college student, was involved in an accident and could not return to work. She used her savings for her regular life expenses and could no longer afford to assist her daughter with her college tuition. Her daughter was about to be forced to leave school. Her mother knew that once her daughter left school, she most likely would not return and was greatly disturbed by this. She contacted us and we connected with her attorney. The day after her attorney provided us the documents we needed, we wired the money she needed for her daughters education.

Case # 344

Ms. P had a case pending against the city of New York. The city made a $75,000 offer approximately six months prior to trial. The attorney knew the case was worth much more but the client needed $5,000 immediately and wanted the attorney to accept an unfair offer. The attorney called us and explained the details of the case and asked us to help the client with a $5,000 advance so that he could hold out and get the client what they rightfully deserve. Within 24 hours, Ms. P had $5,000 in her account. Six months later the city settled for $175,000!

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