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Bus Accidents

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Bus Accidents

People board public transportation 34 million times each weekday, and in 2017, Americans took 10.1 billion trips on public transportation. While public transportation, including buses, are a great way to get to work or around town with a reduced carbon footprint, sometimes accidents happen. An estimated 63,000 buses are involved in accidents each year, with 14,000 people injured and about 300 killed. 

Injuries from bus accidents can be devastating. Bus drivers are responsible for their passenger’s lives, and if a driver is found liable for causing an accident, they will be accountable for any damages caused by a bus crash. If you are involved in a bus accident lawsuit, including a school bus accident lawsuit, you may be going through a lot right now. Beyond the stress of working through a lawsuit, you have physical injuries with the medical bills to prove it. Any sort of accident, including a bus accident, can be difficult to bounce back from. US Direct Advance is here to help relieve some of the financial stress with bus accident settlement loan alternatives.

Bus Accident Injury

Buses are supposed to be safe, environmentally friendly, and reliable forms of public transportation. Unfortunately, all too often a negligent or careless bus driver is at fault for an accident that causes real harm. Even more tragic is an accident involving a school bus. 

Bus accidents can impact both pedestrians, drivers of other vehicles on the road, and passengers. Common injuries leading to a bus accident lawsuit include broken bones, whiplash, bruising, concussions, internal damage, bleeding, and even death. Buses have a high center of gravity, making them susceptible to rollover accidents, and most don’t have seatbelts.

Other types of injuries that can happen on a bus include being hit by someone’s possessions after an abrupt stop or slipping on unclean floors or stairs or even bus terminals that haven’t been de-iced during cold weather. Whatever the reason for your injury, if the driver or bus company is at fault, a bus accident lawsuit or school bus lawsuit should bring the settlement you deserve.

Bus Accident Settlement Loan Alternatives

Some injuries from buses can leave you unable to work for some time, or even permanently disabled. Even if you walk away unscratched, you may find out later that you are suffering from whiplash, which can cause you pain for weeks or longer. Medical bills and lost wages pile up, making it hard to pay for rent, groceries, childcare, and other family needs. Your settlement will bring much needed financial relief, but if you are finding it impossible to hold on until then, bus accident settlement loan alternatives can help. US Direct Advance can help you cover your financial needs while your lawyer negotiates a settlement.

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