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Construction Accident

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Construction Accident

According to OSHA, 1 in 5 worker fatalities are in construction work. The industry sees more than a thousand deaths per year, with many more injuries. While some of these fatalities and injuries were simply accidents, many are the result of carelessness and negligence of others, including management, fellow workers, or the larger company. Accidents happen because others ignored safety regulations, and as a result, you got injured. That is obviously not fair.

Being in a construction-related accident is traumatic. To add insult to injury, the insurance company knows that you need the money to pay your bills and uses that urgency to try to get you to settle for less. Your lawyer will fight for every penny for you—if they have enough time. To give your lawyer flexibility in a negotiation timeline and get the cash you need for your bills now, construction accident lawsuit funding is available.

Construction Accident Lawsuit Examples

All workers, including construction workers, should feel safe at work and should be supported by a network and system that promotes their safety even in a demanding career. Unfortunately, mistakes are made and accidents occur. The most common causes of serious accidents at construction sites include falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught in or crushed by equipment or a collapsing structure. According to OSHA, eliminating these risks could save 582 lives per year. 

Construction workers injured at a work site may face consequences including broken bones, contusions, lacerations, brain injury, disfigurement, and paralysis. If you have suffered one or more of these problems, your life can be significantly changed. Broken bones heal, but paralysis or other significant injuries can leave you unable to continue working in construction. As you are out of work to heal, medical bills, along with rent and utilities, plus the cost of feeding and caring for your family, will create a financial burden. If you are able to work but no longer in construction, you might have to pay to learn a new trade. These costs pile up and make it difficult to wait out your construction accident lawsuit for the money you need.

Construction Injury Funding

US Direct Advance is here to help you bridge the time that you need to pay some of those bills that are due. With construction injury funding, we will buy time for your lawyer to negotiate a fair construction accident settlement while supporting your family financially.

Let us help you during this difficult time. Give us a call or simply fill out the form to get you on your way to financial stability.

Being in a construction related accident is traumatic. Tiy lawyer will fight for every penny for you. We can bridge the time that you need to pay some of those bills. So give us a call or simply fill out the form to get you on your way to financial stability.

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