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Auto Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents happen every minute of the day. An unbelievable 5.25 million accidents happen every year, and more than 3 million people are injured in these car accidents. Often, these injuries can be permanent and may change a person’s quality of life. We know how devastating it can be to be injured in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault—you are due legal compensation for your injuries. Everything from whiplash to disability and chronic pain can alter your day to day life.

Even worse, recovery from car accident injuries often does not allow you to work and take care of your family’s financial needs. Insurance companies know this, so they may give you low ball settlement offers in the hopes that you are desperate to take the cash now rather than wait to negotiate a better deal. That’s where US Direct Advance comes in. US Direct offers advances for car accident victims in the form of auto accident pre-settlement funding. We’ll get you the cash you need, now, to use the way you see fit, while you’re pursuing legal action.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

The first priority after you’ve been in an auto accident is your medical care. There are a number of common auto accident injuries that may result in temporary or permanent disability, making it impossible to work. Car accident settlement advances can help you cover your bills and expenses through injuries such as:

  • Head injuries, including concussions, internal bleeding, and cuts that require plastic surgery
  • Back and neck injuries, including whiplash, spinal cord damage, and sprains or strains
  • Burns, that may cause scarring and require long-term treatment
  • Broken bones, which may require surgery
  • Soft tissue injury, including pulled muscles and tendons

Any of these injuries can occur in the event of a car accident. Drivers could hit you on a left turn, brake suddenly, not check blind spots, or drive recklessly, too fast, or intoxicated, and you suffer the devastating consequences, both physical and financial. That’s why we are here—to help you stay afloat during your lawsuit with car accident settlement loan alternatives.

Pre-settlement Loan Alternatives for Auto Accidents

After an auto accident, you face a variety of bills and costs—and these aren’t due once you get your settlement. You’ll need cash to cover expenses during the settlement process. Medical bills to cover treatment for your injuries will be expensive, and ongoing treatment may cause you to miss work and lose the income you need to support your family. Even less severe injuries, such as whiplash, can be painful and ongoing.

Beyond injury treatment and income loss, you may need to invest in a new vehicle or means of transportation to get to work and other places. As all of these expenses add up, you will need help now. An auto accident settlement advance is what you need to tide you over and bridge the gap until you get payment. A car accident cash advance will buy your attorney more time to negotiate a fair deal.

Auto Accident Advances for You

US Direct Advance is your No. 1 auto accident cash advance company. Let us help relieve some of your financial stress with auto accident pre-settlement funding. Give us a call or simply fill out the online form. It’s time to take your financial freedom out of the insurance company’s hands and put it back into yours!

So let us help relieve some of your financial stress. Give us a call or simply fill out the online form. It’s time to take your financial freedom out of the insurance companies hands and back into yours!

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