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Truck Accidents

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Truck Accidents

Around 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year in the United States. Of these, approximately 5,000 trucking accidents result in fatalities. In fact, one out of every eight traffic fatalities involves a trucking collision. While many accidents occur at night, about ⅔ of all truck accidents occur during daylight hours.

Each year, roughly 5,000 people lose their lives as a result of semi-truck accidents, while many more accidents result in serious injuries for those riding in passenger vehicles. The injuries from a truck accident can be devastating to both you and your family. You want to work to support them, but the accident does not allow you to.

Common Examples of Truck Accidents

While each accident is unique, truck accidents can share a number of common causes:

  • Carelessness or negligence on the part of the truck driver
  • Violation of traffic laws (running red lights, speeding, etc.)
  • Vehicle malfunctions or trailers
  • Inappropriately attached trailers/poorly loaded cargo
  • Poor or adverse weather conditions

Reasons to File a Settlement

Truck accident settlements can be filed for multiple reasons. Often, victims of an accident will have extensive medical bills. In addition, there can be significant property damage costs as vehicles hit by semi-trucks are usually totaled and have to be replaced. Victims are often rendered unable to work for a time or even permanently, which can result in financial hardship and ruin. 

In all of the above situations, having a cash advance will allow those affected by the accident to still be able to support their family financially while waiting for their truck accident settlement and verdict.

Lengthy Truck Accident Settlements

How long does it take to settle a semi-truck accident?

Although the time can vary from case to case, truck accident settlements are notorious for how long they can take to resolve. Multiple factors can affect the time it takes to receive 18 wheeler accident settlements:

  • Damage during the accident
  • Investigation process
  • Trial and Litigation process

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