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Animal Bite Lawsuit Funding

Each year, more than 4.5 million people in the United States get bitten by dogs, and more than 800,000 of those need medical attention because of the bite. Plus, around half of those bitten by dogs are children! In both the US and the rest of the world, dog and other animal bites pose a major public health problem to both children and adults.

Animal attacks can be very serious. The severity of the bite often depends on the species or condition of the animal, as well as the health of the person bitten. In many situations, recovery time might cause lost income—just when the medical bills start to pile high.

If the person who earns the income in your family suffered an animal bite, he or she may not be able to drive to work or even to work at all, depending on the location and severity of the bite.

If your child was bitten, you may need to miss work to care for the child, drive the child to medical appointments, or pay for additional childcare if he or she needs to miss school for recovery.

Animal Bite Recovery

Filing an animal lawsuit is an appropriate and important first step in getting your life back. Unfortunately, though, your animal bite lawsuit can take months or longer to resolve. You might know that money is coming from a settlement, but in the meantime, medical bills are due and you’re still missing work.

While you or a family member are recovering from an animal bite, you might find yourself dipping into your savings to make ends meet. The insurance company will want you to settle your animal lawsuit for less than you need—and you can’t afford to hold out for too long and push for more.

That’s where US Direct Advance comes in. We can get you pre-settlement funding to help you cover your immediate expenses so you can focus on healing and recovery or helping your child recover from an animal bite.

Animal lawsuit funding will allow you to get a cash advance based on the amount of your potential settlement. You can use the money now for your family’s needs and pay us back if you win your case.

This is crucial to understand: pre-settlement funding is offered at no risk to you. If you lose your case, there’s no need to pay us back.

Animal Lawsuit Funding

Let US Direct Advance get you pre-settlement funding. This will allow you to pay your bills, help your family, and get you money for whatever else you need. And the best part is that if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to return the money.

Being bit by an animal is painful enough. Let us relieve your financial pain with animal lawsuit pre-settlement funding. Our team of attorneys will review your case and get the money to you within 48 hours, if approved. Call now.

Being bit by an animal is painful enough. Let us relive your financial pain with pre settlement funding. Call us now or fill out the simple application and we can have the money to you in 24 hours

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*If you qualify. Not everyone who applies gets approved. If approved, you might get approved for a different amount then applied for. Speed of funding is dependent on how quickly we receive necessary information required for underwriting. Not available on all states.