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Pre-Settlement Loans:

Injured in an accident and need
money to pay your bills?

US Direct can get you the cash
you need today!

We can fund against all types of lawsuits

If you don’t win your case – You don’t pay us back. We are a direct funder so we make the decisions!

Let us relieve the financial pressure. You could have $500 – $100,000 in your bank account in 24 hours.

  • Get financial help FAST and EASY!
  • NO Credit Check. NO Job Required. NO Monthly Payments.
  • We Work With Your Lawyer to GET YOU CASH!
  • We are a direct funder so we make the decisions

Accident? Waiting To Settle?

Get Help Now!
A pre-settlement cash advance is designed to get you through your personal injury or lawsuit, providing the funding you need to stay on top of your bills and expenses until your settlement comes through. A Settlement advance isn't a loan at all—it’s a type of investment towards your case offering direct legal funding during the pre-settlement period.
Pre-settlement funding allows you to borrow money against a lawsuit before you’ve even filed a complaint. If you have a lawyer and a personal injury, we're ready to help. We know that expenses pile up before you receive your due compensation after a personal injury or other lawsuit. That’s why accident loan alternatives exist: to borrow against an anticipated lawsuit settlement before the case has been decided.
The best advance settlement funding companies take the risk with you. US Advance Direct offers you a settlement loan between $500 and $100,000, sending you cash directly within 24-48 hours of applying in most cases. The money is yours to spend as you need, and an agreed amount will be repaid after you receive your accident lawsuit settlement. If you lose, no payment is due. We are not your attorney and do not participate in negotiating your case, but our settlement loan alternatives will give your legal team more time to negotiate a fair deal.

A Simple Process

No One Provides Legal Funding Faster
Yes! That’s what we do here at US Direct Advance. If you have a solid case in a personal injury or other lawsuit, you can borrow against your future compensation. Get the money you’re due in a lawsuit or settlement now—even before the case has been settled. Here’s how an advance on settlement money works:

1 Step: Application


Apply for direct legal funding by giving us the details of your case. We don’t consider your job situation and won’t check your credit score. Applying takes seconds (And It’s FREE).

Apply Now!

2 Step: Approval

get approved

Get cash approved within 24 hours. We’ll contact your attorney and make you an offer for a pre-settlement cash advance based on how much you are likely to win in a lawsuit. (Credit score not a factor.)

3 Step: Contracts

Sign Contract

You and your attorney sign a contract stating how much you can borrow against your lawsuit, interest rates, and what you need to pay after you win your case.

4 Step: Cash

Get Money

Within 24 hours of approval, we’ll send the money directly to you or your lawyer. We wire the money directly into your bank account!

On average, pre settlement funding takes about 24-48 hours
from application to cash in hand.
How can US Direct provide same-day pre-settlement advances? For almost 20 years, the principles of US Direct have invested tens of millions of dollars in pending litigation. With a knowledgeable staff of trained attorneys reviewing applicant cases, we bet on accident and injury lawsuits from slips and falls and auto accidents to product liability and wrongful death cases. US Direct invests in cases that have a great chance of winning—and we knowingly take on the risk that some cases may be lost.

Fight From a Place of Strength

Insurance companies and corporations too often come into lawsuits with a clear advantage, and they know it. After all, they may be able to sustain a lengthy legal battle that doesn’t disrupt their business or profits in the least. Their lawyers on retainer have more to do, but that’s it. In the meantime, if you’ve sustained an injury or are dealing with real loss, your entire world may be upended. You may feel pressured to take less than you’re entitled to simply so you can try to get your normal life back.
We help even the odds. US Direct Advance can’t take away the pain or restore what’s been taken from you, but at least we can take some of the financial pressure off, so you can fight from a place from a strength. We can empower you to have the patience necessary to get what you deserve. Big corporations want you to feel desperate. We want you to feel empowered. We want you to feel in control.
US Direct pre-settlement funding helps you take back control now.
Our team has funded
over $200,000,000 in cases
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*If you qualify. Not everyone who applies gets approved. If approved, you might get approved for a different amount then applied for. Speed of funding is dependent on how quickly we receive necessary information required for underwriting. Not available on all states.