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Texas Lawsuit Funding

Also known as “The Lonestar State,” Texas is the second largest state in America due to its geographic length and population size. Recognized for large concerts and music festivals, Texas is famously noted as the live music capital of the world.

However, the volume of entertaining festivities, combined with such a drastic population rate, can easily be a recipe for disaster.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 3,722 motor vehicle fatalities in the state of Texas, in 2017 alone; 1,468 traffic fatalities were related to alcohol impairment.

According to the 2017 Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports, 254,853 injuries occurred in a motor traffic crash.

If you are struggling with the aftermath damages from a motor vehicle accident, know that you are far from alone. US Direct Advance is here to provide you with pre settlement funding in Texas.


Every day, US Direct Advance helps traffic and motor vehicle victims with accident loans and injury loans in the form of pre settlement funding.

US Direct Advance is the number one place for pre settlement funding in Texas for your lawsuit cash advance. If the injuries you sustained from a car accident are hurting you financially, US Direct Advance can help with accident pre settlement funding.

Injury lawsuits can drag on for long periods, and can even force you to settle for less than you deserve due to a loss of work, which could lead to a lot of medical bills and debt. US Direct Advance can assist you while your lawsuit is ongoing, so you will never have to settle for less.

We provide pre settlement cash advances to anywhere in Texas, including: Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Waco.

Pre Settlement Funding vs. a Loan

Pre settlement funding is quite different from a loan; A loan lends money with the obligation to eventually pay it back. In contrast, pre settlement funding does not oblige the borrower to pay back the funds if the case loses–Not a dime.

US Direct Advance believes in the lawsuits that we fund, and genuinely know that you deserve to win justice. For clarity, US Direct Advance uses the term “lawsuit loan” because it is the commonly adopted term for pre settlement funding.

A lawsuit loan is often described as an advance on a lawsuit’s final settlement funds. Lawsuit funding in Texas is beneficial for the client and attorney because it allocates more time for the attorney to advocate for the best outcome of the case.

With Lawsuit pre settlement funding in Texas, US Direct Advance helps Texan attorneys serve justice for their clients. At US Direct Advance, our clients know that they are getting the best support because our case agents take the time to work on getting clients funded right away. US Direct Advance is Texas’ leading funder for a pre settlement funding on lawsuit settlements.

Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Cases

US Direct Advance can help to secure your livelihood if you’ve sustained injuries from a slip and fall, car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian knockdown, or medical malpractice by providing pre settlement funding in Texas.

At US Direct Advance, we know the toll it takes on one’s everyday life to recover from an injury. The medical treatments and doctor visits require significant time to complete, and most times, financial hardships are inevitable. A pre settlement loan provides relief from financial stress so that you can focus on healing the right way.

US Direct Advance provides lawsuit funding through pre settlement loans and post settlement loans. Regardless of whether your lawsuit has settled yet, call US Direct Advance and see how we can help you.

US Direct Advance leads all other organizations as Texas’ most qualified settlement funding company for the following types of lawsuits: Medical malpractice, product liability, premise liability, discrimination cases, wrongful termination, assault lawsuits, negligence, and wrongful death.


Locations we serve Lawsuit Funding:

US Direct Advance offers lawsuit funding to every part of Texas, including Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, and Lubbock. 

US Direct Advance makes the approval process as easy as possible–a pre settlement funding approval is just a call away!

Apply for a pre settlement lawsuit loan by completing a quick online request form, or by calling us directly at (310) 299-8640.

US Direct Advance makes your current welfare a priority, and one simple phone call can provide some relief from one unfortunate incident or accident.

US Direct Advance prides itself on customer service and customer satisfaction for pre settlement funding, so inquire today with one of our friendly agents.

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