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Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funds in a Slip and Fell on Ice Lawsuit?

Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funds in a Slip and Fell on Ice Lawsuit?

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Are you in the midst of a slip and fall on ice lawsuit? 

It can be such a shock when you’re simply taking a walk outside, maybe visiting a business or a residential property, and you suddenly get seriously injured because a property owner didn’t clean up ice or snow.

Here are a couple of questions to consider:

What can you do if you slip and fall on black ice and are seriously injured? 

Can you start a workplace claim or start a lawsuit if you slip on ice? 

In many situations, you absolutely can. 

You can sue a private individual, the owner of an apartment building, a business, or even a government agency.

You probably won’t be able to continue working as usual after a slip and fall accident. Since many of us depend on our jobs to pay our monthly bills and to buy the necessities of life, you might need extra cash and a lot of it—fast. 

Where Can I Get Cash During a Slip and Fell on Ice Lawsuit?

Unfortunately, snow and ice slip and fall statistics show that more than 42,000 workplace injuries were caused by ice, sleet, or snow in 2014. 

About 82% of those were caused by slips and falls on ice or snow. Plus, slip and fall accidents, in general, are extremely common accidents.

You can be sure our legal team will look very carefully at the documentation for your case. We’ll decide if your lawsuit is likely to get a favorable settlement, then possibly send you a cash advance based on the future value of your case.

However—and this is a huge “however”—this is not a loan. We are making an investment. We have to carefully analyze your case and decide whether to fund it and risk our money on it. 

Of course, if you don’t get a favorable settlement, you’ll never pay us anything! We’re happy to make an investment in your case and help you get through it.

Here are some tips for building a strong slip and fall on ice lawsuit case. 

Pursue a Claim or Lawsuit in these Slip and Fall on Ice Situations

It’s important for you and your attorney to build a strong case that is likely to win. When we see that your documentation and your case is really strong, we’ll be more likely to fund your case. 

So first decide if a case is worth pursuing. 

The property owner must be responsible for the accident in at least one of these ways: 

  • Caused the dangerous ice situation
  • Knew about the dangerous condition, had the ability to fix it, and just chose not to
  • It was obvious that inaction from the owner could lead to serious slip and fall injuries
  • It wouldn’t have been overly challenging to make the area safer
  • The owner’s inaction actually led to the accident
  • The dangerous situation was there for long enough that the owner reasonably should have known about it and fixed it

Also, pursue a case only when you can show that you didn’t cause the injury to yourself—through distracted walking, for example.

Here are a few common types of cases: 

  • A slip and fall on ice at an apartment complex: This is very winnable. Apartment owners should keep both residents and visitors safe. See if you can prove one or several of the points from above.
  • A slip and fall restaurant lawsuit: If you’re injured on the premises of a business—even in front of it—the lawsuit can be similar to one against a residential property owner. Prove that the owner caused or knew about the problem and didn’t fix it, and so on.
  • Suing a local government: Can you sue a city? No, you can only sue the specific government agency at fault. You’ll need an experienced attorney, because you may have to file before a certain deadline and meet other requirements.

Gather Strong Documentation

Unfortunately, even though you were the one injured, it’s up to you to make sure you document the area where the accident happened. 

Here are the types of documentation you’ll need: 

  • Pictures: Take pictures and videos of the site, including panoramas, with your own smartphone, or ask someone else to. Capture what the area looked like during the accident, before the owner clears the ice. Show that you couldn’t have reasonably been expected to know that the area was dangerous and that the property owner should have made it safer.
  • Witness statements: Get statements from witnesses who saw the accident. They may have seen it actually happen and/or noticed how dangerous the area was.
  • Written details: Write down as many details about the day, the situation, the experience, and so on as you can. An attorney can write them down for you too. Dictate into a recording app, if needed.
  • Medical evidence: People often can’t get slip and fall on ice settlements without a physical injury. So, pull together all your medical treatment records and charts, including a doctor’s statement that the injuries were caused by the fall. Be sure to explain the accident to your medical provider(s) during your treatment.

Can Pre-Settlement Funding Help Me Get More Money?

A pre-settlement cash advance could help you make more money, in a sense. 


Because many people have such a need for quick cash that they’re willing to settle for less money than they deserve. 

Many can’t hold out long enough to get more.

But our pre-settlement funding can bridge the gap for you, getting you through those tough times. That means that a cash advance might help you go through longer proceedings to make more money off a slip and fall on ice lawsuit.

So, gather the right documentation and build a strong case. 

That can help you win, and it can also help you get a very helpful cash advance from US Direct Advance.

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