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Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is difficult, but necessary, when a family member needs round-the-clock assistance.  Oftentimes, families attempt to care for their elder at home only to find that limitations of time due to work and other responsibilities make caregiving difficult, causing burnout. For this reason, nursing...
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An accident can put your life on hold. It is one of those sudden changes in life that are difficult to prepare for no matter your financial situation.  Whether you are involved in a car accident, fall on a slippery surface, or are a victim to other unfortunate circumstances, the injuries you suffer and the...
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If you are considering applying for a settlement loan from US Direct Advance, chances are you recently survived a car accident and are now requesting an accident loan. Given your recent experience, you might be wondering why accidents happen. What characteristics of a driver contribute to the possibility that he or she will end up...
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If you’re in the midst of lawsuit proceedings and are patiently waiting for your settlement to become a reality but have found yourself short on income. In the meantime.. A settlement advance may be the answer you need to bridge the gap between living expenses now and cash flow later.  Settlement Advance, Defined While there...
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US Direct Advance funds lawsuits by providing loans directly to litigants, allowing them to continue their lives while waiting for their lawsuits to settle. This type of settlement loan is called third-party consumer-litigant funding, or litigant third-party funding (LTPF) for short. A recent study by Ronen Avraham, a professor at Tel Aviv University, and Anthony...
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Lawsuits take time, even months or years.  However.. Life continues while you’re waiting for your case to make its way through the system . . . as do your financial obligations.  Bills may pile up, especially if an injury prevents you from working.  These are the reasons why a pre-settlement loan for an auto accident...
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fork in the road in the country with iced over roads
Are you in the midst of a slip and fall on ice lawsuit?  It can be such a shock when you’re simply taking a walk outside, maybe visiting a business or a residential property, and you suddenly get seriously injured because a property owner didn’t clean up ice or snow. Here are a couple of...
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If you ever find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit, finances can get tight—especially if you or a loved one are dealing with a physical injury or psychological trauma on top of everything. Plus, pursuing a case can take months or years to resolve, putting even more stress on your finances. Pre-settlement loans were...
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When you walk into a business, you have the right to be safe and walk away unharmed. Every business has a duty to keep its customers safe as they approach, enter, and spend time on their property. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, causing people to be injured on business property. You might slip on a wet...
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slip and fall lawsuit loan
Have you suffered a personal injury due to slipping or falling? You aren’t alone. Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits, sending 8 million people to the hospital each year. Slips and falls can lead to injuries such as broken bones that are painful and take time to heal, resulting in lost wages,...
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